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Image by Janine Robinson


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June 30, 2021

Ypsi musician to host free summer jazz concert series

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July 1, 2021

John E. Lawrence to host free jazz concert series at Ypsilanti's Frog Island Park

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June 30, 2021

#OTGYpsi: The Ypsilanti Frog Island Jazz Series 

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Ypsilanti musician John E. Lawrence hosts The Ypsilanti Frog Island Jazz Series all summer long

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Ann Arbor and Ypsi arts venues gear up for return to in-person events

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Frog Island Jazz Series Finds Groovy Success Amid Pandemic.


The John E. Lawrence Summer Jazz Concert Series returns to Ypsilanti this summer


Ypsilanti summer jazz concert series moves to Ford Lake Park


Fairs, festivals and concerts are coming to Ann Arbor this summer.

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Only in Ypsilanti: 12 Must-Do's on Your Next Visit.


Stay Tuned For More News About The Series...

Image by Janine Robinson

A Word From Our Performers

Rayse Biggs 

Performance Date: July 2, 2021

I am feeling very honored to be a part of this great venture!!!!

I have some wonderful musicians assembled for the opening show.


I can't wait!!!!

Kimmie Horne 

Performance Date: July, 16 2021

I am very very honored to perform in Johnny Lawrence’s Frog Island Jazz Series Debut. He is such a passionate performer, one of the smoothest guitarists around and a dear friend.    

I look forward to us all having a “Great Time” on July 16th. 


Charles and Gwen Scales 

Performance Date: July 30, 2021

“Don’t you Stop the music” by the musical group Yarbrough and Peoples conveys our feelings about the Frog Island Jazz Festival perfectly. “Don't stop the music 'cause it tends to soothe I can tell you want to groove”

Thank you Johnny Lawrence, musician extraordinaire, for putting together such a tremendous lineup of musicians to kick start “Live” entertainment in this post pandemic era.

Looking forward to "rockin" you all night long!

Lord Yancyy

Performance Date: August 13, 2021

It is an honor to be a part of this fabulous lineup of motor city powerhouses. I’m excited that John Lawrence saw fit to empower the community with top caliber musicians and uplifting music. This series is gonna to blow you away, mesmerize you and fill your heart with joy. So bring your dancing shoes, grab some friends and be prepared to have an amazing time. 

Gerrard Gibbs 

Performance Date August 20

My name is Gerard Gibbs and my contemporary jazz group, “RYZ” will be performing on Friday, August 20 for The Frog Island Jazz Series, championed by my friend and colleague, guitarist John E. Lawrence. He suggested that I contact you to briefly share some thoughts about this wonderful jazz series. First, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank John for taking the initiative to present live music while our nation and the world continues to recover from an unprecedented pandemic. As you may be aware, this pandemic has challenged the financial well-being of musicians around the world. It’s comforting that John, being a musician himself, understood this and through his compassion and tenacity, brought forth a vehicle to not only get musicians back on a live stage, but at the same time getting the healing message of music back out to the masses. John E. Lawrence is to be commended for his hard work and determination in providing top quality music entertainment to a public that really needs it, ESPECIALLY now!!

I am super excited and grateful to John for his gracious invitation to perform for the Frog Island Jazz Series and am looking forward, along with my bandmates to giving a world-class performance to the masses.


With Many Thanks and

Warm Regards,


Gerard Gibbs

Bandleader for “RYZ”

LaShawn D. Gary

Performance Date: August 27, 2021

I met John E. Lawrence in 2001, we served in music ministry together at Oak Grove AME Church in Detroit. Since that time we have remained great friends and on a few occasions we have performed together in other venues.

It’s been amazing to see the impact he is making in the community. I am excited and looking forward to working and performing with him again at the Ypsilanti Frog Island Jazz Series.  After 16 months of dealing with a pandemic, I believe everyone is looking forward to returning to the great outdoors and what better way is there to bring the community together safely than with an outdoor concert.

I’m looking forward to participating and performing live again and providing music that will help bring enjoyment, relaxation and peace to the many friends who will be attending the Ypsilanti Frog Island Jazz Series.

All the best!


Randy Scott 

Performance Date: September 3, 2021

After such an incredibly difficult year for everyone, I am truly looking forward to performing at the Frog Island Jazz Series on September 3rd. Not only will it be a great opportunity for everyone in the area to enjoy live music, it will also be a chance for me to share new music from my latest album, "Elevation". I'm extremely blessed to have had this record debut at #1 on Billboard, and the Frog Island Jazz Series will be my first opportunity to perform some of it live with my amazing band. I'm very grateful to my good friend John E. Lawrence and the city of Ypsilanti for hosting this festival, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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